Your name is Qiuyi (Karen?) Zhao, and you’ve just been signed up by your parents for a beauty pageant. You’re not ready, not even close, but you don’t have a choice. But perhaps you can make the best of it. Maybe it’s the one opportunity to create a “hook” for your college application. Maybe you can reinvent yourself, get rid your anxiety and become someone new. Or maybe you can find true love (or some approximation thereof).


  • Be a socially anxious Asian-American lesbian teenager. Deal with stress, anxiety, and loneliness.
  • Form deeper bonds with one of your three friends, and maybe start a romance?
  • Prepare for and compete in a beauty pageant! Try to change yourself, for better or for worse, or don't. Pick your outfit and style!
  • Participate in a full range of extracurricular activities, from science competitions to science research. You can even learn some actual science!
  • Learn Chinese history and geography from your parents!

The story is complete, with about 79k words, but might still receive updates. An average playthrough will be around 25-30k words.

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Cover font: "Parisienne" by Astigmatic -


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What a great game, I can't wait for the sequel!


Thank you!

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such a fascinating story, I love it. Gotta ask tho been playing around with twine lately, how did you get such a simplistic but Aesthetically pleasing design on your story, and how did you make the choices like that. It’s so cool. 


The story isn't written in Twine, it's written in dendry. But it should be possible to make a similar style with CSS; you can look at the web page's CSS with developer tools, or check out the source code link.

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I honestly can't get this game out of my head. I want to play again but I love my ending with Emily (and winning) so much. I can't wait to see what else you do with this story in sequels. You're a very talented story teller!


Thank you!!! If you're interested in beta testing for the sequel, feel free to contact me in the links in the latest development log.


Awesome work!  I definitely can see the influence of both Bee and Love Nikki Dress-Up Queen, which is not a combo I ever thought I would be experiencing!  XD
Great writing -- It's intense at parts!  I'll have to play in sessions so I don't get too stressed~


Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it.


great so far, allready know I will replay after I am done.

Typo : stress event says “you can go bac home” instead of back home


thanks! just fixed it.

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Excellently written, and painfully relatable! I was really attached to all the main characters by the end, I hope they all end up okay ><

I was fairly happy with what I got, but definitely want to replay it and try out the other options too!