Play as the Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1928, and try to stop the NSDAP from taking power. Guide the party through elections and parliamentary politics. Deal with the Great Depression and the spiraling political violence that characterized the late "Weimar Republic".

This is a quality-based narrative game using the DendryNexus engine, which is in turn based on StoryNexus, the engine originally designed for Fallen London.

Originally made for Spring Thing 2024.

Unofficial subreddit:

Cover image copyrightThis is a collage of 4 images:,_Berlin,_Versammlung_der_Republikaner.jpg. CC-BY-SA 3.0, Public Domain, CC-BY-SA 3.0, Public Domain

Content Warnings References to antisemitism, nazism, period-typical racism, misogyny, and homophobia, obsolete terms for gender/sexual minorities.
Updated 4 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
AuthorAutumn Chen
GenreInteractive Fiction, Card Game, Simulation, Strategy
TagsAlternate History, Historical, Narrative, politics, Text based, World War II
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSource code, IFDB


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Can you add decimals to the public opinion percentage. Preferably, add as many decimals as possible so as to let people know the true percentage increase when gaining popularity.


This is a really good game, hard but enjoyable. Are you planning on updating this or making any new games?


This game gets updated roughly every 2 weeks. As for new projects, Autumn hasn't said anything and is focusing on this game.


This is my post from the subreddit that I thought could potentially be worth posting here. If this is the wrong place to post it let me know and I will delete it.

I have been thinking of the best possible features that could be added for a full release on Steam. These are suggestions from someone who doesn't know anything about coding, so these ideas may be unreasonable. Also, I know this is a long list, but I'm not demanding any of this. This list is purely me theorizing about a potential steam release, mainly for my own entertainment. I have ranked them based on how important for a full release I think they would be:

A. Very Important

  1. Steam Workshop Support: This would allow the game to be really replayable, as people could make mods to play alternate settings or with gameplay tweaks.
  2. Visual Clarity: Some basic graphics would make things more engaging. I am thinking of a parliament arch for elections, Like This. Also, photos for the leaders of the various factions and parties. Perhaps some charts to show your support amongst different demographics or the power of different factions in the party, but that is less important.
  3. Balancing: There are some cards that do nothing and should be made more useful. For example, several options in the 'International Relations' don't seem to do anything. Some other cards have options that have effects but are worthless in comparison to other options in that card. For example, most of the options in 'Political Rally' seem worthless in comparison to Sozialpolitik. Obviously, every option shouldn't be just as useful because that would make the choice meaningless. However, some niche use for them would be nice, although some deliberately useless or detrimental options would be good as well.
  4. Useful Ministries: Some ministries seem to have only one obvious use and should be abandoned as soon as you have used them. For example, there isn't much of a reason to hold the Justice Ministry after you have reformed the judiciary. Giving some reason to hold onto Justice after you have reformed it would be nice. Similarly, there is no reason to hold the Economic Ministry before Black Thursday.
  5. More Events: These can be more historical flavor to challenge the player, forcing them to make a choice. It can also be generic ones that react to the player depending on how they are doing. So, if the economy is crashing you could have events that force you to make tough choices between various options. Or if the economy is going strong you could have a generic event that responds to that, increasing relations with your coalition members or increasing your support amongst the populace. These generic events would be good for the later period of the game. Or there could be more events for being in a certain ministry
  6. Minority Coalition: There should be some cards available when you are supporting a minority coalition. You should have the opportunity to draw red lines, make demands, etc. This would be similar to what we have to experience from the other parties. The system with the KPD would be a good model to use for this.
  7. Opposition: It would be interesting to have the option to go into the opposition, allowing a Right or Bourgeoisie coalition to form. However, it would also have to have cards that allow us to be an active opposition, like criticizing the government, disrupting their bills, organizing strikes, etc.
  8. Prussia: There should be more ways that we can interact with Prussia. At the moment, it is largely focused around the police. However, there are other aspects that could be explored. We should also be able to regain leadership in Prussia if we give it up or manage relations with coalition partners there.
  9. Advantage of Being President: There should be more content associated with getting the presidency. I have heard that it is possible to use decree powers; if that is the case, then that is an excellent start. Perhaps an additional card or a few events to make the impact of the victory felt.
  10. "It’s The Economy, Stupid": More of the events should relate back to the economy, even if they have a milder effect. Currently, it is just the Finance, Economy, and Agriculture ministries that impact the economy. Labour and Foreign should all have minor effects on the budget or employment. Similarly, there should be a more negative effect on the economy if you are overdoing certain aspects. For example, if you are raising taxes repeatedly without improving the economy, then unemployment should increase. Also, if you raise taxes too much there should be capital flight, a capital strike, or really increase the chances of a coup (I know democratising the economy can do this already, but taxes should also play a role. However, I could be mistaken and this is already the case, which brings me to the next point)
  11. More Feedback. Currently you can make important decisions, but the game doesn't let you feel the impact. If you are particularly good or bad in a particular stat the game should punish/reward you for it (even if it is just a well done/you screwed up). For example, repeatedly purging the reactionaries from the bureaucracy should have a stat increase/achievement/different ending/a hug

B. Somewhat Important

  1. Less Random Chance: At the moment, the entire game is dependent on what cards you draw. It would be nice if you had a bit more control over the direction of the game. There is money, but that is dependent on cards to be earned and spent. A currency like 'Political Capital' or 'Influence' which is somewhat independent of the cards could help here. If they are managed well, you will have an advantage, adding more of a skill element to the game. However, other options to decrease randomness could be better; this is just one idea. Although, maintaining the high difficulty of the game would be important.
  2. Factions: There should be more ways to interact with the factions. You should be able to support or suppress factions, deal with fights, and organize compromises. There should also be more feedback when they push back against you. At the moment, all they do is step down as advisors and decrease unity. If there is a serious split, there should be events where they threaten to leave the party/vote against the government/etc. This could be devastating, and you have to pay them off/pass a policy they like/etc. The features for the KPD supporting the government could be a good framework for a rebellious faction demanding concessions. If they do leave it should be debilitating. Perhaps this is a place where 'Influence' could be used.
  3. Parties: It should be possible to interact with the parties more deeply and try to improve their relations. Most relations with the other parties are indirect (supporting things they like) or focused on campaign funds. It should be possible to make guarantees to the parties, saying you will perform some actions before a certain date; otherwise, receive a massive negative relations hit (similar to the feature with the KPD). Secondly, it should be possible to give each party concessions. Some ideas for this are things like:
    • DNVP = Allow the Kaiser to return from exile, but not restore the monarchy (which would improve their relations and improve their popularity, but anger the other parties and the Allies). Allow anti-Catholic/anti-Semitic policies through (which would improve their relations and improve their popularity, but anger Zentrum, DVP, DPP, the factions, Catholics, etc.).
    • Zentrum = Allow religious schools (which would improve their relations and improve their popularity, but anger various factions, KPD, DVP, DPP, and maybe the DNVP). Have a nationwide Concordat with the Holy See (which would improve their relations and improve their popularity, but anger various factions, KPD, DVP, DPP, and DNVP).
    • DVP = Tax cuts. Decrease tariffs. Improve relations with the Allies. Privatize state companies.
    • DPP = Hugs??
    • These would interactions could make the game more skill-based. It could also be used through 'Political Capital'.
  4. Longer Timeframe: Possibly going to 1934 or 1935. I am aware that it is currently planned to go to the end of 1933, but it would be nice to go even further.
  5. Long Mode: A mode where each month is two turns would allow for longer games. Personally, I like the idea of being able to play a game over a longer period. However, the cards would have to be rebalanced.
  6. More Ministry Cards: Right now, there is only one card associated with each ministry, excluding Finance, Economy, and arguably Foreign (if you count the changing options around reparations as a different card). However, all of these ministries could have cards that focus on a different aspect of the position. Here are some suggestions for what could be focused on in new cards or splitting old cards:
    • Labour =
      • Supporting Unions (Currently there)
      • Labour Policy (Setting minimum wage, interacting with the cooperative that you set up, workplace safety)
      • Strikes Against the State (Dealing with strikes in state companies, strikes during the depression, etc.) All of these could affect the economy, the support of the factions/parties.
    • Interior =
      • Crime and Punishment (Pretty much already there)
      • Dealing with bureaucracy (Purging reactionary elements, streamlining the civil service, subtly using it against your enemies, managing the press, etc.)
    • Finance =
      • Funding (Already there)
      • Economic Democracy (Already there)
      • Managing Debt
      • Funding other Ministries (Dealing with overspending in other ministries or other issues that require additional funding. You could accommodate the ministries, making things go smoother (if they're your party) or gain favor with them (if they are a coalition partner). Or you could sabotage them (anger the coalition partner and cause them to lose support).
    • Economic =
      • Economic Policy (Currently there)
      • Company Bankruptcies (Bail them out or let them fail)
      • Minor reforms (Minor changes that you can make prior to Black Thursday)
      • Manage State Companies (Will they be privatised, expanded, fulfil certain roles, etc)
    • Justice =
      • Reform (Currently there)
      • Constitutional Law (Attempt to alter the constitution, discussed below)
    • Foreign =
      • Reparations/Dealing with the Allies (Currently partially there, could be expanded to interact with Young Plan, Responding to Hoover's tariffs, etc.)
      • Soviet Union (Deal with KPD, trade, military, being antagonistic to increase support of bourgeoisie)
      • Trade with neighbors (Decrease tariffs, improve relations, German-Austrian Customs Union was possible in that period but rejected by the French)
    • Agriculture = ???
    • Reichswehr =
      • Military Funding (Increase or Decrease)
      • Military Loyalty (Bribes, Integrating the Reichsbanner into the military, Reforming the army, etc.)
  7. More Campaign Cards: It would be important to have more campaign cards if the game was extended. These could be things like:
    • Campaigning with a certain Demographic (Maybe increase your popularity with them, but decrease with other groups)
    • State election (The possibility to campaign on certain issues)
    • Local Coalition (Who will we go into coalition or campaign with in a state election? Improve relations with a certain faction/party)
    • Local fight (Deal with a fight between different factions at a local level. Pick a faction to support)
  8. Constitutional Change: This could be an interesting end-game option that would allow the player to make changes to the Weimar constitution. Make your mark on the country and improve the country. It should be difficult and require reforms through the Justice Ministry. Maybe a 5% limit to get into parliament, economic reforms, centralising power, etc
  9. More Election Metrics (Late Game). Things like voter apathy, party scandals, and other factors have to accounted for in the game, especially the late game. People will gradually get sick of the SDP, even if they saved them for the depression, so that would be good to model in the game if it is expanded beyond 1935
  10. More Endings. There should be endings where the DNVP, DVP, or Zentrum finish the game extremely strong. They could Return the Monarchy, Install a Dictatorship, or Reinforce a Conservative or Liberal Democracy

C. Unimportant

  1. Play as different parties?
  2. Different settings? (1925? 1918? Kaiserreich???)
  3. Party splits?

This ended up being a lot longer than intended. I'm so sorry

Some things I've noticed:

- The Nazi's want me to appoint Hitler Chancellor even after I've deported him. Should probably have an alt-flavor text for that.

- Braun's "Negotiating with the coalition" works when out of government when Muller's doesn't.

- Why does any government that involves the KPD ends in a game ending civil war after the presidential election? Can I avoid that?

- The Wirtschaftswunder achievement triggers even if its not 1933, but that's a nitpick. 

Okay as far as I can tell any KPD government will trigger a game ending civil war after 1931. Can this be avoided to keep playing? Do I need to fund the Reichsbanner? How do I avoid the March on Berlin???

Okay I'm giving up for now. Sieg für die Volksfront and Sieg für die Einheitsfront seem impossible. 

This shouldn’t be happening all the time; the achievements should be possible. It’s possible that you’re taking too many actions that increase the coup progress, like economic nationalizations or reducing military funding. You should be able to avoid the March on Berlin by successfully banning the SA and Stahlhelm.

Braun’s ability is intended to be strictly better than Müller’s.

I understand that it is possible and that my actions are triggering the coup, didn't realize all I had to do was ban the paramilitaries. 

Okay I've gotten both achievements now


Has anyone made a general guide as to what the various options do and what they build toward.  I love this game, but I'm terrible at it.  I really don't know what the mechanical outcomes of various actions are.  Or is the problem playing it on my phone?

There’s a guide on the subreddit here.


Bruh, i only got 2 resources my entire second attempt (to be fair, i am playing on hard).

(3 edits)

There should be a limit on gutting welfare until you reach a point that the welfare is zero.

I’d also like to see a future feature that you can ban the KPD and the NSDAP if you have enacted 2 large court reforms. The ban of the NSDAP should let coups or the event right-wing militants marching easier.

could anyone tell me how to cheating in this game? this game is so hard


In my opinion, you can stick to the following  principles: emergency fund is good, take charge of the legal ministry to expose Nazi's crime,  adopt labor's fiscal stimulus policy as soon as possible(I forget that economist guider's name)


thank you very much

Once you've started a game, go to the Console. (inspect element then click the second tab) Then, type dendryUI.dendryEngine.state.qualities.(thing you want to change, for example resources) = (the number you want to change it to. So, for example, if you wanted to play around with an essentially infinite budget, you could type dendryUI.dendryEngine.state.qualities.budget = 100

(1 edit)

thank you very much, but I don't know why it is not work?

(1 edit)

Sometimes the Console doesn't catch the game engine, to make sure it does, left-click on one of the advisor photos and select "Inspect" at the bottom of the menu, this should ensure you open the console for the game.


Now that Braun can be more authoritarian do you think you know how to implement a possible Thälmann presidency?

I got really damn close. 34% support versus Hindenburg with 36, and Hitler following with a close 31.

Getting Thälmann elected is already possible, but you get an automatic civil war. 

Ah, yeah ok that make sense. Nazi's living under communist rule ain't going to work out so pretty.


Bug: The enemies card does not count down


Should be fixed now.


Bug report: Forming a grand coalition, falling to a vote of no confidence and then forming a popular front with the KPD immediately causes another vote of no confidence after you select your ministers. I form another popular front and it immediately falls again to "The DVP The Center have called a vote of no confidence".


Should be fixed now.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for making a downloadable version! Now that there's a zipped version, is there a way to copy our saves from the online version to back them up and use them in the zipped version?

I'm scared to shut down my computer/browser because I don't want to lose the save for the game I'm playing cooperatively with my friends

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh never mind. I found the saves are stored in localstorage as strings and can be copy/pasted to import export.  See imgur screenshot attached if anyone else wants to do this. You just need to copy the contents of "value" to a blank text file to back them up. To restore you just copy them backed up value over a new save.

Save backup/restore would still be a cool feature if you can add it though! Love this game thanks for all your work on it. :)


Feedback: The vote of no-confidence should be two years or at the very least one and half years since it's very hard to enact all the changes in such as short time frame due to the RNG mechanics

This has been changed, and there is now an option to appeal for more time.


I found a bug! If you pick the third option under the homosexual affairs card, the one about trans people, you can then pick it again the next time you draw the card. I took a look inside Github to see what might have caused this, and I think that it's the fact that that particular option is locked with the “sex_change” flag, while selecting the option increments the “trans_rights” flag. I suppose that this might have been intentional to ensure that there's always an option to pick on that card, but if not you may wish to take a look at it.

Should be fixed now.

Bug: KPD goals for social welfare and labor seems to not be working properly (in the code it's += 1 instead of just = 1).  

And if you return the economic democracy card it discards it. 

Do the KPD goals fail in the actual game though?

It did for me. I can test it again for all the goals.

Additional bug: If KPD blows up the coalition you still get to take all the ministerial positions if you get into the weimar coalition, did not test the grand coaltion.

In a game where I had done all of these before the coalition was started , none after, all of them I did one time only:

- Expand social welfare programs - failed

- Enact a land reform program. - success

- Start substantial nationalization of the economy. - failed

- Make taxes more progressive. - failed

- Support workers in labor disputes. - failed

- Reduce funding for the Reichswehr. - failed

In a game where I had done all of these after the coalition was started , none before, all of them I did one time only:

- Expand social welfare programs - success

- Enact a land reform program. - success

- Start substantial nationalization of the economy. - success

- Make taxes more progressive. - success

- Support workers in labor disputes. - success

- Reduce funding for the Reichswehr. - success

Additionally, if you succeed on every point and then get a KPD vote of no confidence the game thinks you failed their demands. And you can still shuffle ministers despite being in a government where all the ministers belong to the SPD (left front) and when you do shuffle the ministers you cannot see the agriculture minister.

(2 edits)

The KPD goals are behaving as expected, except for the land reform program being marked as a success in the first run (which was due to a typo). The KPD goals reset after each election. Maybe there will be some institutional memory in the future but that’s beyond the scope for now.

Okay. I will change my strategy accordingly.


Are there plans to edit it on steam?  The game has a lot of potential to workshop and create different mods.  It would be great.

I would definitely buy this as a full release on steam if it meant that it would continue to be supported and updated

Me too


In regards to v0.10


I have no suggestions or concerns. This is an amazing game and I love what you have done with it.

Hope to play it on steam some day!

Speculation about bugs:

From my reading of the code the kpd_coalition_dissent can go up even if you're not in a coalition with them. Also if you are in a popular front or left front coalition and then have an election, geting in to a coalition with KPD should not risk a civil war anymore, since it's already been done. 

From my reading of the code you will still be able to get negative unemployment. 

From my reading of the code you will still be able to get negative support in the military if you block the building of the ship.

Normal bugs: 

If you hold an election before Müller dies you can choose Breitschid as Chanselor. 

Sometimes you cannot adopt an economic policy when you should be able to. I have no clue why, I saved on the crisis screen with WTB support being 2 and saved. Modified it several times and tried over and over again and it just did not accept it. Not when I had 4 not 3 not 2. Then I loaded to an earlier save made no memorably different actions and it accepted the plan. 

Also, I think it's odd that you can choose worse coalitions. Like if you have Weimar coalition available you shouldn't be able to take the grand coalition, and if you can be in the left front you shouldn't be able to take the popular front coalition. And if you get a majority by yourself you should have to govern by yourself. You should always be able to back out of coalition talks (you can't if you choose Weimar) and as long as you have less then 50% you should ba able to refuse to go into any coalition. 


Begging someone to upload the OST on youtube lol

I really love the selection of songs in this and it would be nice to have for casual listening


Just uploaded the soundtrack


Bug report: You cannot select the WTB plan if you chose and enacted the leftist nationalization, but you can do it vice versa. 

maybe because by the point you’ve nationalized a bunch of the industries you can essentially enact a works plan via government money anyway? Just an idea. 


I love this game! I would love to see an extended timeline, more playable scenarios, or even other parties’ perspectives! A lot to ask but those are the ideas that i think would fit this format and engine beautifully. 


As a non-expert on Weimar politics, I think part of the reason the SPD was chosen is that they are large enough to be pretty influential and relevant to things while also being diverse enough to feasibly take differing courses.  I think many other parties are so defined by their political stances that it would be less of a historical simulator and more of a what if:

"What if the Communists weren't communist*

"What if the Nazis weren't Nazis"

*What if the Catholic party stops advocating for Catholic concerns"


Yes, I think the liberal parties (DDP and DVP) would have the most potential, in that area. Perhaps there could be some mechanic for the formation of a broad liberal party.

No the SPD was easily the most impactful party in this time period (bar the NSDAP) and i definitely love the diverse confusion between the different factions and strains of non Communist socialism that were present in the 1920-30s, but seeing the KPD, or even Z’s perspective would be cool 


Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I had Hindenburg as President + Braun as chancellor in January '33 with a Grand Coalition; the DVP called a vote of no confidence and I didn't have the resources to assuage them; and the camarilla installed Hitler as chancellor. This was my first playthrough with the camarilla overthrowing an SPD chancellor to get Hitler; normally if there isn't a Prussian coup in '32 and SPD is in power, I've been safe. 

Either way, I can't begin to say how much I love this game! 

I think the Syndikalismus achievement is broken. I empowered the workers to seize factories during the capital strike, but I didn't get Syndikalismus.


The achievement currently requires two separate factory takeovers.


I was looking for political games and found this little masterpiece.

Is it possible to download the game in order to play it offline? 


the v0.9 dev log mentions it as a future change so i imagine that should happen in near future

(1 edit) (+1)

It's possible to get 0% unemployment! I actually had -2% for a while (less than a month) until the capital strike struck.

I would suggest that you change the code so that if the unemployment gets bellow 0.1 it's set to 0.09 to avoid this (not via event as you could get more unemployment in another event and then click the set unemployment to 0.09% event), and to ad a line at the end in case you have less than 0.1 unemployment, maybe something like "Unemployment has sunken to a level where they are insignificant! This is a success of our economic policy."

The game can clearly still be beaten, I could have done better electorally if I had not insisted on passing all three land reforms, taking the State Buyer decision and  passing every social reform as I had to defund the unemployed and such...

To do this you have to pass WTB-plan twice, (the second one HAS to be after 1930 has begun) and expand the councils three times before you pass three(!) nationalizations and then get the capital strike and empower workers to seize the factories without raising taxes ones. (Done on easy)

Bug: coalition_affairs_timer does not decrease

(1 edit)

Bug (if I understand the code, which I may not): In economic_policy you have written "unemployed -= 3; unemployed -= 1.2 if works_councils >= 3; workers += 2.5;" But you should have written "unemployed -= 3; unemployed -= 1.2 if works_councils >= 3; workers += 3;  workers += 1.2 if works_councils >= 3"

And in agricultural_policy (land reform) you have written unemployment -= 1; What is that?


I think the capitalist strike gives the NSDAP too much support especially if it turns back to irrelevancy (getting below the 10% cap and/or Hitler getting deported). It should be the center-bourgeoisie parties that should gain the most out of it if the Nazi support doesn't break through 10%.

But the Bourgeoisie parties should also become significantly more antagonistic and less prone to working with you 

Yeah, I know. I just forgot to mention it.

(2 edits)

The new version of the game is somehow very difficult, even in easy mode, and mass reforms like reforming homosexuality and women's rights become almost impossible due to the difficulty of reaching the 50% majority. I wonder if there will be a rebalance soon? Also, there are no real benefits of choosing the nationalization path over the WTB since not only does it cost much more, but it is also highly unpopular.

I think it might be too difficult at the start, but when (if) you implement the WTB-plan (and nationalisations) you can get pretty big anyway. Though I do think that the first election might be to difficult actually, maybe the start date should be earlier? 


I mean, economically speaking nationalizations would absolutely never be effective and would only ever be harmful. Sometimes, life isn't balanced.

Bug report: You don't get the achievements for socialist transformation and enabling workers to seize the factories

The Syndikalismus achievement currently requires two separate factory takeovers. The Räterepublik achievement requires both multiple nationalizations and several advancements in works councils.

Bug: This happens if you have a vote of no confidence in you on the same turn as the May Day Parade and you allow the communists to march before addressing the vote of no confidence. After the march, I addressed the vote of no confidence, but immediately get hit with another vote of no confidence in the same turn

Allowing the May Day parade might be causing another vote of no confidence.

Bug: When nationalizing the budget taken is sometimes larger then it should be. And if you have started nationalizing you can "continue" the WTB.

This should be fixed now.

"The party does not yet support budget deficits for this purpose. Perhaps bringing on an advisor might help make this action palatable?"

I have tried a bunch of different advisors and never get it. WTF does this mean? Great update though and great game!


I believe you need Woytinsky as an advisor to go into deficit spending.


Bug: The military policy timer does not actually go down, it just stays at 6.

This should be fixed.

saw the source code, it looks insaneee


It's possible to understand the story beyond 1933, for example, extending it until the end of 1945 or even into the 1950s. This would be truly wonderful for the game.

She confirmed that the game is not going to go beyond 1933.


Is it actually possible to get a right wing coalition?


love the game. just wanted to mention, that the portrait in use on the current build for woytinsky is actually a portrait of irakli tsereteli, a completely different menshevik who had no role in the WTB plan. in the original source photo, woytinsky is the guy sitting on the right, not on the left. i made a reddit post talking about it.


The photo has been changed.

Bug: If you make Otto Wells Chancellor you cannot reelect him after the election.

Otto Wels was meant to be more of an acting/temporary chancellor; he’s more of a party leader than a government leader.

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